What is JSE Coin?

Let’s find out what JSE Coin is, and how to earn free JSE Coin?
SJE Coin is mainly for webmaster who want to monetize their websites by helping to secure JSE network. Imagine you open up the website that doesn’t swamp you with all the ads. That is exactly what JSE is offering, additional earnings for website owner and less adverts spam for a user. We are estimating the value of coin to reach around $1 USD within the next 12 months.

I Want to Get Free JSE Coin

What if I am not a webmaster? How do I mine or earn SJE coin?

If you’re not a webmaster, you still have a chance to mine this coin. You may min JSE Coin through browser mining.

How to mine SJE coin?

You can mine SJE coin if you are a website owner or as aweb browser. Below is how the mining process works:

  1. Owner of the website adds a small snippet of the code in the website and earns coins per users visits
  2. Anyone can open JSECoin website and start mining from the browser. It’s that easy.

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    What is JSE Coin

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