What is Viuly Coin? What Viuly Coin wallet?

Viuly Coin is a video sharing platforms like YouTube dominate the marketplace. However, they provide a subpar experience to advertisers, content creators, and viewers. Viewers don’t get paid for watching advertisements. Content creators only get 40 to 50% of revenue generated by their videos. And advertisers lose money to fraud and middlemen fees. Viuly aims to solve all of these problems with a decentralized video sharing platform.

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Here are a few Viuly key features:

  • Upload free videos and create channels
  • Sell access to your premium content
  • Support and donate to content creators
  • Be rewarded for watching free videos
  • Buy premium content with VIU tokens
  • Advertise and pay directly to our users
  • Video content storage is decentralized (Viuly uses the IPFS protocol)
  • Users can receive rewards in exchange for watching free videos
  • Advertisers can advertise on the platform and send payments directly to users – including video creators and viewers
  • Open source software built on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts
  • Advertising expenses are increased due to intermediaries and fraud; Viuly claims that advertisers spend 15 to 20% of their budgets on fraudulent clicks, including bots and other methods of click or viewer fraud.
  • Video creators receive less profit; today’s video sharing platforms take 50 to 60% of advertising revenue, which means the people who are making content on the platform – the video producers aren’t being fairly compensated for their work.
  • For Advertisers: The video will only be shown to users in the selected target group. The advertiser pays the cost-per-view to the platform, with the author receiving 65% of the money and the user receiving 25%.
  • For Users: Users can watch free videos without ads. However, users also have the opportunity to earn money by just watching advertisements. Users can choose to watch video advertisements uploaded by advertisers. In this case, they get 90% of the cost-per-view specified by the advertiser.

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What is Viuly Coin

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