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PM7 ICO Review and technologies: Earn $20 PM7


PM7 ICO is a new ICO, offering a blockchain-based affiliate marketing platform that intends to directly connect creators and innovators with their potential customers. PM7 ICO claims to be a decentralized innovative affiliate marketing platform that will “radically challenge the advertising world for online and offline projects”. Advertising on the internet is big business. Statistics show that the market volume in year 2017 will reach almost $228 bn, and this figure is expected to grow to $335 bn by 2020.

I Want to Get Free $20 worth PM7

The core concept of the PM7 platform is the reduction of distance between ICO creators and their customers or investors, eliminating third party entities such as advertising agencies, marketing firms, and PR agencies.

Ultimately, the PM7 ICO platform intends to apply multilevel marketing methodologies to the promotion of initial coin offerings. It’s up to you whether you believe this is good or bad for the initial coin offering marketplace as a whole, but it’s virtually guaranteed that the success of the PM7 ICO platform would bring to life many ICO projects that would fail otherwise.

The idea behind the PM7 ICO proposition is the creation of a decentralized marketing platform that enables project creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to connect directly with their potential customers, thus removing the need for intermediaries such as marketing or advertising agencies.

What is PM7 ICO decentralized innovating affiliate marketing platform?

Without any investment you could make money through the affiliate platform as follow:

As soon as your friend installs the app of pm7 using your link — you both earn bonuses!

When your friend’s friends installs this product — you will earn bonuses!

When friend contributes ICO campaign — you both earn bonuses!

When his friends contribute ICO campaign — you earn bonuses!

You will always earn bonuses for installs and purchases of your friends and their friends!

And that applies up to 7 levels of friends!

PM7 ICO Review and technologies: Earn $20 ICO BONUS FOR SIGNING UP! If you would like to receive your free $20 worth of  tokens click here.



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