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KoCurrency review: What is KoCurrency?

KoCurrency seems to be very similar to Steem. However it is a social platform with two different currencies. You get 1 coin on signup through the Giveway. You can also earn KoCoins by publishing articles in relevant channels, but those seem to be reviewed before acceptance and have to be quality and longer than 1000 words.

The goal of this platform is to support crypto-investors in separating signal from noise by utilizing their machine learning and smart crowd technology.

KOCURRENCY provides strong support when making investment decisions by providing an intelligent machine learning application. By helping inform decisions, this platform is shortening the learning curve of users, enabling them to know what is needed to take action.

I Want to Get Free KoCurrency

Below are three unique features of Kocurrency:


By signing up, smart crypto investors can start earning bitcoin for their investment insights. Users who pledge intelligence contracts within the KoCurrency platform can earn intelligence tokens in return for making the platform smarter.

Smart Crowd Predictions

Each user enters the platform with 100 intelligence tokens. The only way to increase your number of intelligence tokens is to pledge intelligence correctly on intelligence contracts and win the losers’ intelligence tokens. Intelligence tokens can’t be purchased.

Smart Crypto News

All users are provided with the opportunity to earn KoCoins in exchange for submitting relevant content within their channels. This content is prioritized according to the performance history of the users, providing more opportunity for the smart crowd to express their respective reasoning behind their cryptocurrency insights and predictions.

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