IOTA wallet Top Reviews and Guidelines for Beginners

IOTA aims to provide an infrastructure to enable transactions between devices on the “Internet of Things”. The native token of the crypto currency is IOTA crypto currency and it is among the top 20 crypto coins around the world as far as the market capitalization is concerned. If you’re looking to buy IOTA crypto currency or you already own these coins, you should have a secure iota wallet to store your digital currency. Today, I’ll review the top iota wallets for you to make the right choice. So, let’s start our journey.

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1. GUI Light IOTA wallet

This lightweight iota wallet is incorporated into IOTA’s graphical user interface (GUI) and allows fast access to your IOTA holdings.

After downloading the wallet, if offers you the choice between the full node and light node. If you’re a newbie, the light weight node of iota wallet is good for you because it allows you to use IOTA without the need to find and connect to neighbors via a static IP.

The setting up procedure is quite easy and convenient and it allows you to easily connect to public node. The GUI Light Wallet interface looks easy at first glance, and the wallet runs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The good thing about this iota wallet is that you can fully control your private keys.

However, you may feel it a bit confusing while making a choice between light and full node. But as you know it, you can easily make a decision.

IOTA Wallet

2. Nostalgia Light IOTA wallet

If you don’t want to run the full version, it is a light weight wallet. This iota wallet allows you to modify the Nostalgia code to connect it to a server on which IOTA is running. To do this, you can use software called Text Wrangler.

Its user-friendly interface and easy to use features make it the prime choice of crypto coin users. If you’re a newbie, it is a good choice because it is not a complicated wallet and you can easily manage, send or receive digital funds. So, you never come across any worries.

As far as the security feature is concerned, it doesn’t offer the same level of the security as any hardware wallet does. But since it is totally free to use, it is never a bad choice.

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3. IOTA Wallet (Android)

It is the official iota android app wallet which is still under the beta testing version. This open-source iota wallet is totally free to use. You can easily manage your digital funds and the transaction time is very short with a very fast speed. It’s reasonably easy to interact with and you’ll be able to start sending and receiving IOTA tokens quickly.

The features like a seed generator, QR code support, ability to view your current IOTA balance and seed password protection differentiate it from its current competitors. A live Tangle explorer with search function is also included.

However, the app is still in the beta testing stage and it is only available to the Android users. Bugs are also a major issue the app is currently facing.

New wallets on the way

1. CarrIOTA IOTA wallet

It has been developed as the financial manager of iota currency. According to the developers, you’ll be able to handle house hold, business and individual financial matters with this single iota wallet.

2. Nelium IOTA wallet

It is a frictionless iota wallet which is developed to offer interactive and user-friendly interface and easy to use dashboard. Set to be released on Android and iOS devices, it was in beta testing at the time of writing.

3. Trinity IOTA wallet

Initially, it was titled as UCL Wallet. At the moment, it is at the alpha testing stage. However, you’ll soon see a complete version of this iota wallet.

Few tips to store IOTA safely

  • Create a back up
  • Always remember to create a back up of your wallet. It is necessary to secure your digital funds; otherwise, you may lose all of your funds.
  • Generate strong and robust passwords
  • Always create strong and unique passwords. It will help you to keep your hard earned money safe and secure.
  •  Update your antivirus protection: Update your antivirus software and malware protection on any device you’ll be using to access your wallet. This can provide an important safeguard against hacking attacks.
  • Don’t share your private keys with anyone: Private keys are what you use to access your crypto coins and tokens, so store your keys somewhere safe and make sure never to share them with anyone else.
  • Research first: Before choosing any wallet, make sure you’ve thoroughly researched its reputation and its security features. It’s also a good idea to monitor crypto currency news sources for details of any new wallet launches or existing wallets adding support for new currencies.

Final thought

Whenever you’re going to select a digital wallet for you, always give security the paramount importance. In this respect, hardware wallets are always great but users often don’t buy them because they are not free. But if you can afford, go for a hardware iota wallet

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