How to buy Unikrn Gold Coin? And what is Unikoingold price prediction?

The Seattle start-up Unikrn Gold Coin, is a decentralized esports betting platform has already raised $25 million for an initial coin offering from Ethereum cofounder Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban. Also the startup received investment funds from Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital, and Draper’s Dragon Fund. Unikrn Gold coin is selling virtual tokens called Unikoin Gold Coin is based on the Ethereum Blockchain that can be used on its platform to bet on esports matches.

I Want to Get Free Unikrn Gold Coin

What is unique about Unikoin Gold coin?

Unikoin Gold’s foundation in Blockchain gives several notable advantages:

  • unparalleled transparency
  • additional non-wagering and wagering experiences
  • Offering users the ability to mine UnikoinGold Coin by performing tasks that add value back to the platform, such as watching or playing the games.
  • Blockchain gives us the ability to build secure systems to manage a highly-regulated business like ours.

What is Unikrn Gold Coin Wallet?

The internal Unikoin Gold coinwallet has most of the attributes of a wallet on the public blockchain minus the friction. Transactions on the platform are kept out of the public blockchain and avoids the transaction cost, while maintaining the exact same level of transparency.

A closer look at the Unikoin Gold coin tokens:

The Unikrn Gold coin will distribute a total of one billion:


Unikorn Gold Coin Vs Unikorn Silver Coin


Betting will consist of 2 main sections:

  • Betting on other user results
  • Entering competitions or 1v1 and backing yourself
  • Before I get into details about the betting though, I want to quickly explain the above image.You’re probably wondering what:

    ‘What the hell are Unikoin Silver coins and are they available in the token sale?’

    Firstly, they aren’t available in the token sale; in the sale you would be buying Unikoin Gold coins.

    Second, you can earn the silver coins by paying for a premium membership. After that, any actions such as betting on the platform are rewarded with silver coins.

    The purpose of the coins can be seen from the image. Where it says ‘Full Service Jurisdiction’, this is the countries the UnikoinGold will operate in that they have a full license for. ‘Limited Service Jurisdiction’ is where they receive a license but not a complete one.

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