Dogecoin Wallet Newbies Complete Guideline Steps

What is Dogecoin?

Launched in 2013 as something of a joke, Dogecoin (DOGE) was an instant success and gained widespread popularity in the crypto community. In 2014 it hit a capitalization of USD 60 million which clearly shows its huge admiration around the crypto world. It has reached a capitalization of USD 308 million just in December 2017. Dogecoin is a crypto currency and you can use it online or trade it with other crypto currencies like bitcoin etc. You might be thinking to buy Dogecoin or you already own them, you must be searching for best Dogecoin wallet to store your digital funds. Today, I’ll discuss top Dogecoin wallet so that you could make a wise choice.

1. Dogecoin Wallet Core

It is the official Dogecoin wallet. To make transactions, you’ll have to download the entire block chain. It synchronizes with the block chain to execute transactions. Due to this reason, it need more space and it also takes time to work. If you are a Dogecoin miner then you must go for it because it is quite trustworthy Dogecoin wallet. It shows compatibility with systems such as OS X, Windows and Linux.

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2. MultiDoge Dogecoin Wallet

It is a desktop wallet but you need not to synchronize it with the whole block chain. It is really easy to use and it works really fast. However this Dogecoin wallet is not recommended for mining because it gets unresponsive and slow. It shows compatibility with systems such as OS X, Windows and Linux.

3. WowDoge Dogecoin Wallet

It is yet another light weight desktop Dogecoin wallet.you need not to download the entire block chain on your system. So you will both save your precious time and the disk space. The interface is user-friendly and it runs seamlessly.  You can request to have new features added. It is open-source and totally free.

4. DogeChain Dogecoin Wallet

It is another Dogecoin wallet to store Dogecoin. With the helpof this wallet you can easily access your digital funds at anytime and anywhere. In addition to that user-interface is really attractive and easy to use.

5. Exodus.io Dogecoin Wallet

It is a multi currency wallet that supports Dogecoin. It is a secure place to store your digital assets. The user interface is easy to use and is the only desktop app to have ShapeShift built in. with the help of single application, you can manage all of your crypto currencies and it is very easy to make transactions. If your computer crashes, you need not to worry because this Dogecoin wallet offers seed phrase to recover your funds. It also offers very supportive customer service if you come across any issue.

6. Block.io Wallet Dogecoin Wallet

It is an online wallet where you can store multiple crypto currencies. You can easily manage crypto coins such as Litecoin, bitcoin and of course, Dogecoin. Since, it is an online crypto wallet, you should never store huge amount of coins in it because its security is always a concern. So, you must only store small amounts.

7. Cryptonator Wallet Dogecoin Wallet

It is an online exchange wallet where you can store multiple crypto currencies and it also offers convenient and instant transactions. You can access this wallet anywhere in the world on your smart phone, laptop or desktop. Apparently, it looks good with some cool features but it lacks in security. It is always at the risk of hackers attacks because it is an online Dogecoin wallet. It supports currencies such as Zcash, Ripple, Reddcoin, Primecoin, Peercoin, Monero, Emercoin, Blackcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

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8. Jaxx.io Dogecoin Wallet

It has a user-friendly interface and really easy to use. It is also a multiple storing Dogecoin wallet. Jaxx has ShapeShift implemented and it also gives seed phrase for coin recovery. In the recent past, there were several bug reports but now the developers have solved all the issues

9. Ledger Nano S Dogecoin Wallet

Hardware wallets are always my favorite. The reason is that they offer the highest level of security. Nobody wants his digital wealth to be hacked or stolen. So, my vote is always for hardware Dogecoin wallet. Ledger Nano also offers seed phrasing if you’ve lost your coins. But you’ll have to pay around $100 to buy this token but if you want to store a considerable amount of crypto coins in it then it is not a bad deal. It supports crypto currencie including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, ETH, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and many others.

10. WalletGenerator Dogecoin Wallet

It is a paper Dogecoin wallet. If you want to store your coins for a long period of time then this is a great option. But remember even if your digital asset is out of online attacks, it can be still stolen or lost. However, additional security can be added by splitting the wallet into shares that reassemble the secret key or have multiple keys created.

Final thought

Whatever your choice may be, you must look for a wallet fulfilling your requirements. In addition to that, you must also look for security features. If your money is lost then there is no reason to keep it in wallet.

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