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An In-Depth Review of the Pent Swap Project

The Pent Swap Network is a project aimed at uniting various decentralized protocols. This unity will enable a lucrative, fast, and secure DeFi space.

Components of the Pent Swap Network

To bring the vision of the Pent Swap Network. Various components have been brought together. These are:

  • Pent Swap Liquidity Protocol

The liquidity protocol is designed as an automated market maker, which protects the users from front-running maneuvers. At the same time, it offers capital efficiency to liquidity providers.

  • Pent Swap DAO

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization governs all operations within the Pent Swap Networks. It gives Pent Swap stakes to vote on key changes to the protocol and participate in the governance of the network.

Pent Swap Token

The Pent Swap Token, known as PNTG was created as a governance token for the Pent Swap Network. The tokenomics of the PNTG token are numerous since it serves as both a governance token and a utility token.

Holders of PNTG can participate in the governance of the network, while also being able to use it as a connector utility token within the Pent Swap Liquidity protocol for high-efficiency routing.

Why the Pent Swap Network

While many protocols are operating within the DeFi sector, some traits set the Pent Swap Network apart. These are:

  • Secure

The Pent Swap Network was built from the ground up with a heavy focus on the security of users. Its security configuration makes an attack on the network both impractical and expensive. The result is that users are assured of their security.

  • Scalable

Scalability is an issue that faces many DeFi protocols. To solve this issue, Pent Swap Network has been built to handle as many bridges as possible so that connections across blockchains are seamless.

  • Transparent

Transparency is one of the core pillars of the DeFi sector. With Pent Swap Network, users can be assured of complete transparency in how it operates. Anyone can become a validator within the Pent Swap Network and see exactly how their collateral is managed and how transactions are processed.

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Pent Swap Network by Numbers

Users of the Pent Swap Network have access to the DeFi sector, valued at over $134 billion. The network is estimated to have over 1.6 million users and supports five different networks. Total trades stand at over 11.7 million while the access liquidity sources are valued at over $55 billion. Furthermore, the aggregation share is at around 56.40%. Thus far, there have been 161 connected sources. Those are impressive figures for a relatively young network. It shows that it has the potential to be a heavyweight within the DeFi sector.

Pent Swap Network Road Map

The first step will be to launch the Pent Tokens. Once they launch, the airdrop/ICO will commence shortly after. Once the airdrop and ICO are complete, the team will launch the PNTG tokens on the Pent Swap decentralized exchange. They will then work on distributing the tokens and pairing them on the exchange. Soon after, the team will work to find exchanges where the tokens can be listed.


The Pent Swap tokens go by the symbol PNTG. There are a total of 500,000,000 PNTG tokens available to protocol users. A detailed plan of how the tokens will be distributed will be made available soon.

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