An In-Depth Review Of Bitcoin Trading Bot

Cryptocurrency trading bot is in close association with exchange platforms for several reasons. One of such is the automatic trading activities and the extraction of data for the end-users. Other bots are useful for rebalancing, smart routing, portfolio management, and so on.

In situations where there are several data generated at a quick interval, a programmed software like trading bots come in handy to deduce the useful data. A review of bitcoin trading bots id the best way  to stay in tune of the subject.

Review Of Best Bitcoin Trading Bots

Countless trading bots have provided top-notch services in terms of their intended uses. Some training bots have also been created and discontinued due to its lack of quality and superior infrastructure.

The highlighted trading bots below are some of the best bitcoin trading bots there is on the cryptocurrency space


This is, by far, the largest premier cryptocurrency management service provider in the market. This trading bot is characterized by its ability to execute trades on your behalf. This is done to implement management strategies. One of such well-known management strategies is crypto index fund creation and rebalancing of the portfolio.

The shrimpy platform also allows developers to use their own developed strategies through the shrimpy API or universal crypto exchange API.

Features of Shrimpy trading bot

  • The main focus is on portfolio management
  • Automation and index fund construction
  • Rebalancing of portfolio
  • Asset allocation
  • Monitoring of cross-exchange performance

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This is a trading bot software that is open source. This trading bot is directly installed in your server for continuity in his service. Due to its open-source feature, this service is free of charge.

Features Of Gekko

  • Open-source software
  • Use of indicators
  • Calculation and projection of risk metrics
  • Market values in real-time


Another equally useful trading bot is Zenbot. This type of trading bot is similar to Gekko. Zenhot is running on a hosted or personal computer. The perfection and customization by these programmers can be instrumental in the construct of the indicator and analytic uses.

Features of Zenbot

  • Open source trading bot
  • Plugin concept
  • Useful for technical analysis
  • Adjustable trade and frequency sampling
  • Simulations with indicator and paper trading

Haasbot Trading Bot

Haasbot is one of the most used trading bots that provide all the data and information useful to a trading user to carry out the trade. This trading bot is capable of carrying out most of the heavy lifting with little or no input required. One of the main issues associated with this service is the expensive price affix to it. It costs between 0.04BTC to 0.07BTC between three months to run this trading bot.

Other features include:

  • Comprehensive trading bot
  • Custom designed and scripted bot
  • Technical analysis and indicators provided
  • Execution of manual strategies
  • Insurance and safety packed


This is a splendid example of another useful trading bot. It is capable of carrying out automatic trade with the help of an external signal provider.

This platform costs $12 per month. Also, it is an easy platform to use with an easy connection to your TradingView account.

  • Other features include:
  • Trading terminal available
  • Full plugin integration to exchange platforms
  • Limited currency pairs offered

Wrapping It Up

Using bitcoin trading bots are a great way to keep in touch with the market to get real-time data. This automation trading method takes care of your trading activities, even when you are not around. They are precise and analytical in their financial trading recommendations and activities.

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