Crypto Gambling

Cryptocurrency Gambling and Why Does It Rise in Popularity?

The modern technologies develop even faster than we can imagine. Nowadays, there occur numerous new opportunities, which make human lives easier and provide a lot of fun. While not all the gambling enthusiasts have already become used to online gambling, there occurred an even more surprising feature – cryptocurrency gambling. Let’s find out what is it and how it is useful: stay tuned to learn everything about so-called bitcoin gambling.

What is Crypto Gambling?

Cryptocurrency gambling which is also called crypto gaming is a type of gaming which provides the players with an opportunity to bet with cryptocurrency. This method of spending free time rises in popularity with each day. The main advantage of cryptocurrency gaming is its safety: as all the transactions are made with cryptocurrency, the risk of a scam reduces many times. This is explained with the fact that every transaction is saved on the blockchain that has unchangeable entries.

Where to Try Cryptocurrency Gambling?

These days the Internet is filled with various online casinos – both free and real money ones. As the segment of crypto gambling is relatively new, it might be challenging to find the perfect online casino which offers this facility. Thus, let us introduce This website is not a casino itself: it is an informational resource which provides all the latest news on the best bitcoin casinos. Here you’ll find bitcoin casino reviews, top btc casino rates, and informational articles on topics you are interested in. Do you know how to play with bitcoin dice? No? It’s high time you learned with Coingambler!

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Is Cryptocurrency Gambling Legal?

Actually, this question is controversial. The legalization of btc casinos strongly depends on the legislation of the country. Thus, while it is absolutely legal to store your poker prizes in bitcoins in one country, it is strictly prohibited in other ones. One more important note is that legislation on crypto gaming usually reflects the gambling policies of a certain country. This is due to the fact that the phenomena of cryptocurrency gambling is so new, that proper policies have not been accepted yet. So that it is neither banned or allowed. Some of the countries which allow cryptocurrency gambling include:

  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • The United Kingdom
  • Curacao

If you are wondering about the USA – the situation there varies from state to state. However, previously this year a new policy that prohibits online gambling involving interstate transactions has been made. This legislation becomes an obstacle for the whole industry of online gaming

However, there is an additional issue with crypto casinos. Land-based casinos are real physical destinations which run in accordance with their local laws. Crypto casinos are not as they exist only online. Most of them are licensed in Caribbean Curacao: an island where registration is quick and painless. But this can be an issue for numerous foreign gambling enthusiasts. Thus, make sure that bitcoin casino is legal where you live as to have only positive impressions.

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What About the Future of Cryptocurrency Gambling?

As more and more people become trust cryptocurrency, it rises in popularity. As gambling is an extremely popular hobby, the cryptocurrency casino industry develops rapidly nowadays. There have already been launched dozens of websites which offer you to play games for bitcoins. Many online casinos add bitcoin to the list of accepted currencies. Moreover, cryptocurrency is widely associated with investing. This makes people believe that their prizes will help then to invest. Thus, crypto gaming has already started to win the heart of all the crypto-nerds.


Cryptocurrency gambling gains hundreds of new fans daily. This option manages to combine gambling, a hobby of millions, with crypto investing. This makes such a hobby a progressive tool. As the reputation of cryptocurrency is rising, so does develops casino bitcoin.

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