The Comprehensive Beginner’s Methods to Make Wealth from Bitcoins Faucets

Bitcoin Wealth. The Comprehensive Beginner’s Methods to Make Wealth from Bitcoins Faucets

Bitcoin Wealth:

Bitcoins faucets are some kind of website which provides their users few amount of the Bitcoins. Faucet holders make wealth by inserting advertisements on the most appealing websites. You may create a faucet inside ten minutes of time by receiving a Bluehost trading account. Creating  a bitcoin faucet Word-Press Plugin. Of course and I will also go to tell you to how to grow stream of traffic and save your faucets…..Sounds good? Here is the entire post:

What do you understand by Bitcoin faucets?

Earlier we have gone through Bitcoin faucets in detail so we will just have a brief about it now. A website which provides a small number of bitcoins for visitors is termed as Bitcoin faucet. The value may vary from 100 Satoshis (0.000001BTC) to 10,000 (0.0001BTC) Satoshis and could include much more as well. Generally, it is required to wait for some time after receiving a certain amount till you can request for next batch. Bitcoin faucet was first activated by Gavin Andersen, chief scientist in Bitcoin Foundation. Around late 2010, when it was started visitors were given 5 free bitcoins. At that time the value of each bitcoin was around $0.08. The main aim of using this was telling people about world’s first cryptocurrency.

How are bitcoins turned to money?

People generally think why to throw away free bitcoins? If we analyze then there could be two answers coming out for that:

1. Trying to tell people about the bitcoins

2. It could be the source of money for them

The easy guess about the situation will be point 2, as people want to earn money from bitcoins. So, this gives an idea about how widespread is faucet industry. There could be around 50% of Bitcoin websites that are leading when it comes to traffic faucets.

The question still is: How to earn money from the faucets? If we look at different websites then there are a large number of advertisements placed in many of the places. Some of them may be fake which might get clicked while looking for “claim bitcoins” button.

It is clear that the business model of faucets brings out cheap traffic and mistakenly get the ads clicked. Now, the question arises from where does this whole “cheap” traffic comes from?

Well, the answer is referral system.

Faucets help you in earning some percentage of bitcoins which is passed on to the new visitors brought by you. The method is very successful and could be thought as one of the sources for the faucet traffic. There is also one of the new website created for this named as “faucet rotator”.

Rotator site is defined as the one that allows quick surfing through different faucets without visiting the site every time. Links for each faucet could be found in the rotator site.

A rotator site allows you a quick outlook in different faucets without visiting the new site every time. Links present in the faucet are termed as referral links. Through each faucet, the owner of the rotator earns some commission from every time you visit it.

Well, it might get you thinking that “just visiting faucet could be lots of money”. But this is a just imaginary thing there is no such real fact that you could earn riches by visiting faucets. If you really do the work then you would learn that there is just a bit of money even after hours of working.

Sitting 24 hours on the system and claiming new batch of faucet every 30 seconds would get you just 10,000 Satoshis. This limit is quite practically impossible to achieve. But you can still make 0.0024 bitcoins in a day. This amount could be equivalent to 70 cents according to present rates.

Another thing that crosses our mind is “There could be a chance of earning a lot of money by creating a faucet for myself!” Well, this could be a good chance at earning money. But if you look deeply then to earn the good amount of money you would need lots of traffic. And that is what the post is all about.

Moving on further we could learn how much money is being earned through your own faucet at present.

Building a Bitcoin Faucet for yourself

 Bitcoin Faucet


Step 1 – Getting your domain name

All together in order for the faucet you own to be accessible on the web, you should enlist a name for your domain and put the faucet documents on a server. Getting your domain name is possible from namecheap (they additionally acknowledge Bitcoin).


Step 2 – Getting your hosting provider + installing WordPress

This is basically what you will need. If you want to find out more about how to setup your WordPress, you are likely to get this information from your paid hosting. Most of them will do this for you with just one click, so it’ll be really easy!


Step 3 – Downloading Bitcoin’ faucet plugin for WordPress

§ First of all, go ahead and download the plugin

§ Head over to “plugins”, then “Add new” and then “Upload plugin”

§ Upload the downloaded file on your website

§ After you upload it, make sure to activate the plugin


Step 4 –Setting up your ePay or Faucethub & SolveMedia account

For you to pay using your own faucet, you will have to use a service like Faucethub/ ePay, which will let you use your microwallet.

§ Head over to ePay/ Faucethub then create your account

§ Adding your website URL to your account

Using Catpcha API keys is a good idea if you want to have your own faucet protected from any bot abusing it.

§ Head over to SolveMedia then create your account

§ Adding your website URL to your account

Step 5 – Setting up the plugin

There are many on the faucet. Getting used to these options should be fairly easy however, as long as you give it enough time.

Under the tab called “General”

§ Set your chosen payouts, along with the timer settings

§ Afterwards, you may put in the keys for your SolveMedia API

§ Entering the addresses for the faucet page that you have, along with the “check address” page


Under the tab called “payment”

§ Entering your ePay or your keys for the Fuacethub API


On the faucet page:

§ Entering your own faucet shortcode


Step 6 – How to fund the faucet

Before activating the faucet, you’ll have to add funds to it in order to be able to reward other people. You can do this in the dashboard of your microwallet. As of now, this will only work with Bitcoin and nothing else, so do pay attention to what you’re adding funds to.


You can customize it even more

This plugin isn’t only new, but it’s quite advanced as well. It is also constantly being improved, while keeping in mind everyone’s opinions on it.


Making money from the faucet

Things are just about to get interesting now, because you will see how to really make money from this faucet. We will go through just one method of monetization, although there are several which can be used. Bitcoin Wealth.

Making use of ads and placing them on your website

Without a doubt, the easiest and best method of making money using the faucet is by using ads. In case you are new to advertising, especially the online part of it, then you should probably check the Google AdSense out, and perhaps even sign up for it as a publisher. You will be provided with amazing tutorials which will without a doubt help you out a lot.


IMPORTANT: You can no longer use the AdSense for your own faucet, since Google has forbidden it. In case you do not respect this rule, your account gets automatically banned. There are however other options to this, other than the Google AdSense.

CoinAd would also be a great idea, and it is quite similar to Google AdSense in many ways. However, you should know by now that it will be quite harder to be able to use them since their rules of being accepted are certainly tougher. For example, one of them includes needing at least 10,000 views each day on your website.

Using advertising with the help of Anonymous Ads could also be a great idea, and certainly a great option. Getting accepted with them is extremely easy, especially since almost everyone is accepted to be a publisher for them.

When it comes to putting the ads on your webpages it’s very important to be certain that they’re first of all easily visible. So you should be always placing them wherever you think that your visitors are most likely to view, in order for them to notice these ads. With AdSense for example, you’re limited to only 3 ads and that cannot be exceeded.

Making use of the affiliate and referral links

Yet another extraordinary method which can help you make money is by using the affiliate and referral links. There are many examples of how these could be places on your webpage, and the only important thing would be getting your visitors to click on them at all costs. Basically, out of these you’d get a commission if for example they sign up or they buy Bitcoins. But you still need to keep in mind that some of these websites won’t pay all that well, for example Coinbase, which pays rather low.


Building your faucet rotator & earning referrals

It is sometimes possible that even some of these faucets can refer clients to different faucets, so that you make referral commission with their help. This can be done, for example, through using your faucet rotator. Bitcoin Wealth.

Getting more traffic on your own faucet

Getting as much traffic as possible, or at least a decent amount, is simply vital in order to be able to make some profit out of your own faucet. Managing to find cheap traffic for the faucet you own is likely not to be too easy, however here are some things which may help you out:

§ Try getting the faucet you have onto the more popular faucet rotators. They include examples such as  iFaucet or Since these websites have such a high amount of traffic, if you somehow manage to rank high up on one of their pages, then you are probably really good to go.

§ Promoting your own faucet using BitcoinTalk may also be a great idea.

§ Having social buttons added to your own faucet allows people to easily share it using their referral link.

§ You’re simply able to attempt discovering faucets which have shut down and make a request to get them. Along these lines you can divert the activity that is hitting their site to your own faucet. Although this technique will work temporarily so remember that. When individuals comprehend that the first faucet no longer is in use you will most likely have your traffic go downwards.

§ By a long shot the most ideal approach to get more movement to your own faucet would be by giving without end higher referral installments, however this will likewise support your costs. You can simply offer a high, once paid installment for some famous faucets or even rotators in return for more traffic. Bitcoin Wealth.

Having your own faucet protected against the spammers

Once you possess a faucet, you’re pursuing a consistent fight against bots, spammers and programmers that will attempt to take your Bitcoins. Typically spammers will utilize a VPN or an intermediary in order to be able to change, they have IP and enable themselves to recover coins out of your own faucet without waiting for the clock to backslide. Bots can likewise be utilized as a part of request to go on your site, assert the coins naturally and abandon you with no benefit, as bots don’t tap on promotions. To wrap things up, programmers may attempt to hack your fixture and take the coins which are inside it.


Luckily, the great individuals of the Bitcoin people group have thought of various arrangements on the best way to back off these noxious assaults (it’s difficult to evacuate them totally). The accompanying techniques were created from different BitcoinTalk strings (sources recorded toward the finish of this area) and are perpetually developing.

Never have too much deposited

It might sound evident yet it must be said. Try not to store a lot of Bitcoins in your own faucet. Along these lines on the off chance that somebody hacks into your own faucet or figures out how to get more Bitcoins than they merit, sooner or later the faucet will stop working so well, it’ll dry out and he will clear out. I attempt to store seven days’ supply of Bitcoin into it and check, adjust each Sunday. It doesn’t signify a lot (around 0.1BTC) so on the off chance that I by one means or another lose this sum, I can adapt to it. Bitcoin Wealth.


How to block malicious IP addresses and users

When using this feature, you will find a lot of help when dealing with these issues.

§ Make a point to restrict for 24 hours per claim for each IP/Bitcoin address. Along these lines regardless of the possibility that somebody figures out how to mishandle the fixture they are going to be restricted in the measure of cases.

§ It’s beneficial to include the “user registration” choice inside the faucet. That implies just enrolled clients will have the capacity to assert through the faucet. It implies that individuals should approve their e-mail address, along with furthermore their client can be followed and blocked all the more effortlessly. The drawback is that it makes more prominent obstructions to section.

Checking the “statistics” tab lets you check out the most astounding guaranteeing locations and IP addresses, as well as choose on the off chance that you think they ought to be restricted on the off chance that they appear like bots. Bitcoin Wealth.


There can be additional measures to be taken

Obviously there are constantly extra safety efforts which can be added to your own faucets. For instance, you can request that your clients answer a straightforward math condition with a specific end goal to sift through much more bots. Additionally you can boycott any scammers and threats easily. Bitcoin Wealth.


 Examples of faucets to learn from

Before wrapping this rather long article up, I simply need to indicate your consideration a couple of faucets that are as of now becoming famous. It may be justified regardless of your while to properly study them, look into them and get motivated by the systems they are utilizing as a part of request to profit from these faucets they have. Bitcoin Wealth.

 Bitcoin AliensMoon Bitcoin and Bitcoin Zebra are some of the most successful faucets out there, each of them having millions of views each month. Bitcoin Wealth.

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