Growth and Development of the New Technology in Finance


Bitcoin Growth Limits. Growth and Development of the New Technology in Finance

Bitcoin Growth Limits. The technological advancement in the field of finance is now term as Fintech. Fintech simply means financial technology. This financial technology involves several improved technological operations that surround finance. Examples of these finance technological advancements include the bitcoin, peer-to-peer lending, and probably online remittances. The fin tech platform in the recent years has shown tremendous improvements in earnings that they net the consumers. For instance, in 2013, they were able to net a total of $4 billion, and in 2014 the figure did shoot to past $12 billion. This kind of economy has been adopted globally but is more popular in Europe and the United States.

 The United States is the mother to the new and developing fin tech, however, Europe has proven to be the fastest in the adoption of this advanced technology. The bitcoins and the block-chain investments have formed the major contributors in this economy, together they have total up to $400 million for the venture capital aid. The fin tech economy has really revolutionized by doubling its investments in 2015 to over $ 19.7 billion compared to the total investments in 2014.

Bitcoin Growth Limits. The First Members to Embrace the Advanced Technology

The country that has shown high interest in the growing financial technology is Germany in Europe. Here the people have opted for this fast growing and high paying technological advancement and neglected their daily jobs in banks and other investment sectors. The starters have adopted different ways of dealing with these financial models. Some have adopted the old finance applications and divide them up so as to give better attention and definitely with the aid of the new technology. Others have decided to combine up these models together so as to make it easy for adoption.

The banking industry has had several problems, these problems have been identified by number 26 startup, a German business which is situated in Berlin. The initiative business is growing and has about 25,000 members, and it aims to increase the users. Recently, the startup has launched their mobile app. This app does combine the financial models together. The growth of fin tech firms is through splits up whereby firms decide to take individual objectives such as loans, savings, and other payment processors. These objectives finally make up several other new firms in the fin-tech arena. This observation was made and told to the Business Insider by Valentin Stalf who is the CEO. Stalf, the CEO wanted to combine these separate objectives into one so as to help solve the business sector problems. Valentin Stalf further quotes that he predicts a major transformation in market share, although it is not clear when it will happen, once it happens it will be swift.

Bitcoin Growth Limits. How the Startup Business Operates

This start-up has surely shown big progress, it has contributed to $13.7 million so far. How this startup operates is by offering services ranging from the digital bank, a service that connects the debit and credit cards to the user’s accounts. This startup has also made payments easy in local restaurants and outlets. This app is so convenient that its sign up is so quick, it only takes about 4 minutes to make verification of your identity by means of a video call. This app is so helpful such that it solves your daily spending and transactions.

The business is not legally in operation and thus its account’s funds are secured in limbo, for example, the German bank Wirecard. The CEO mentioned that the business idea is to enable coordination of other financial startups. The startups have shown fast transition into the advanced financial technology to help the banks, these startups consist of Number 26, Fin Tech Sandbox and the Trade Block. These businesses, on the other hand, have disrupted the financial sector by causing the unnecessary splits. Fin Tech is determined to help the customers to build their experience in order to solve the many puzzles through platforms like the Bitcoin. Bitcoin offers puzzle solutions, by advancing technically to the worldwide landscape. Sandbox has also enabled easier registration by the use of company’s API and custom data that guarantee business success. Once the consumers have accessed the visual analytics, and other trade insights they will be able to grasp the idea easily.

The Greenwich Associates which is a center for financial research have had several surveys. From their survey, it is clear that a fairly high percentage of about 47 percent financial sectors have ventured into the blockchain technology. The distributed ledger system is a protocol that has affected the best markets like the repo, private stock, loan markets and the OTC derivatives. Number 26, for instance, is worried about the upcoming competitors like the Atom Bank. One good thing is that you can create an account with the combined companies at the same time you can enjoy the better rates compared to those of the banks offered by the lending clubs and transfer wires.

Bitcoin Growth Limits. Comparison between the Old Finance and the Recent Financial Technology

The new financial technology has come with improved concepts and methods. More consumers have opted for the newly adopted technology of blockchain and fin tech. The new technology also does not discriminate any person it is basically inclusive. The technology of distributed ledger has carried an enormous amount of startups whose focus is to create reforms in the outdated finance arena. For instance, the Ethereum which is a startup, are working on the creation of best contracts’ rules and full touring language. The Augur team together with blockchain technology are also working to create a future market that will change the trading and possible decisions to be made. Both the fin tech and blockchains technology are growing so fast such that it has become difficult to outdo them, additionally, their original base is so strong and they seem limitless. These technologies have brought great transformation to the world, right from peer-to-peer applications, decentralization and of course the open source technology.

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