Best Litecoin Wallet Reviewed Guideline to Store Litecoin

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer, open source crypto currency formulated to provide swift and lower cost transactions. As far as the market capitalization is concerned, litecoin is among the top 10 crypto currencies operating in the digital world. Well, you may be thinking to buy such a valuable crypto currency but the next question is to find the best litecoin wallet to store it. So folks, let’s see what we have at this end.

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1. Exodus (desktop wallet)

This multi-currency digital wallet is free to use. It supports up to eight currencies including your favorite litecoin. The great thing about this wallet is that it’s very easy to use yet it offers an incredible security feature. In addition to that, it offers 12-word recovery phrase to restore the wallet. The spaceshift convertor helps to use multiple currencies comfortably. In this way, you can exchange one currency with the other without any issue. It is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you come across any issue, you can get instant help from the support team of developers.

2. Rahakott (online wallet)

Rahakott is yet another best litecoin wallet to manage, send and receive the crypto currency. You can check your balance anywhere on this wallet if get online.

The good thing about Rahakott is that you need not to enter, user name, email or phone number to login but you’ll use a mnemonic phrase to use this best litecoin wallet.

Security feature is enhanced by 2-factors authentication. Apart from that, you can create sub-accounts by using your wallets. These multiple wallets or sub-accounts help you to individually deal with your business relations.

Over and above this, new addresses are created for new transactions. This feature helps to enhance anonymity of the user.

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3. Litecoin core (desktop wallet)

As a matter of fact, Litecoin core is the best litecoin wallet. The reason is that it is the official wallet of the currency. It is quite easy to use and equipped with lots of security features. For enhanced security, it is synchronized with the entire block chain. Besides, it is free to use for users across the world.

The user interface of this best litecoin wallet is quite impressive and the whole desktop page turns into the wallet dashboard. You can store the private keys on the same page. You need not to pay anything to use this wallet. You just need to pay nominal fee for crypto currency transactions.

It is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

4. Electrum-LTC (desktop Best Litecoin Wallet) 

It is a simple payment verification wallet. Actually, it is the light weight version of the Litecoin Core wallet. Since it doesn’t require you to synchronize it with the network s it offers fast and swift transactions as compared to its big brother, Litecoin Core wallet.

Setting up and management procedure of this best litecoin wallet is quite straightforward and simple. Any newbie can easily manage, send and receive digital funds with this best litecoin wallet. A deterministic wallet, it also allows you to create a 12-word security passphrase to provide increased protection for your LTC, plus the added functionality of being able to “freeze” an address.

However, the shortfall associated with this wallet is that it only supports the litecoin and you can’t store any other digital currency in this best litecoin wallet. As a result, it will not suit you if you want to store multiple currencies in your digital wallet. There are also some options in this list with better user interfaces to consider.

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5. LiteVault (web best litecoin wallet)

This wallet allows you to manage your LTC using online browsers. The registration procedure just takes around 10 seconds. Simply, it allows really fast transactions. LiteVault’s source code is publicly available, and all user wallets are encrypted before they reach the provider’s servers. In this way, you can easily control your private keys.

But as far as the security is concerned, phishing and hacking scams are always associated with the web wallets. The major shortfall is that you can’t store other currencies than the LTC in this best litecoin wallet.

6. LoafWallet (mobile best litecoin wallet)

No best litecoin wallet can be completed without mentioning LoafWallet. Developed by none other than Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, it’s a mobile-only wallet that features a simple and aesthetic-based user interface and is designed specifically for storing Litecoin.

Originally, it was created for iOS users but now it is available for Android users too. You can create a 12-word backup seed key to back up the data in this best litecoin wallet.

However, like web wallets, mobile wallets don’t offer highest level of security like hardware wallets do. So you must be careful while transferring funds to this wallet. And if you want to store any other coins or tokens alongside your Litecoin, this wallet won’t be for you.

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