5 profitable ways to make money with bitcoin in 2021

In this post, I’m going to show you EXACTLY the 5 best ways to make money with bitcoin in 2021 easily and securely.

In fact, this is the exact process that I use to earn over $84,000 worth of bitcoin using these profitable ways.

So, if you want fast, easy, and secure ways to make money with bitcoin, then you’ll love this new tutorial.

Let’s dive right in…

  1. Buying and holding

Buying and holding bitcoin is one of the most straightforward and most beginner-friendly trading strategies out there.

First, get a Bitcoin wallet, buy BTC, and then hope that the price spikes in the future—no matter how long that may take.

It could be weeks, months, or even years before you decide to sell.

The term HODL was coined because of this.

If you believe in the positive future of Bitcoin and are sure of its price surge, you must opt for investing.

However, HODL investment must not be tied with fancy expectations.

You must know when is the right time to sell.

Make sure to buy using the dollar cost average (DCA).

  1. Bitcon investment platform

And no, not the buying-bitcoin-and-then-selling-it type of investing.

There are quite a few choices you have when it comes to investing in bitcoin.

You could make money with bitcoin by investing in startups, bitcoin investment companies, stocks, or even blockchain development itself.

You should be careful with investments, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

It is no secret that the cryptocurrency market is a very unpredictable place.

Always do your homework and research the cryptocurrency and the platform that you plan to invest in, or else the question of “how to make money with bitcoin?” might turn into “how to get out of debt (no Bitcoin)?”.

  1. Make money trading bitcoin

If HODLing is long-term investing, trading bitcoin is its fast-paced equivalent.

Essenially, BTC trading means taking advantage of Bitcoin’s highly volatile nature.

This method requires practice and knowledge of the market, so be sure to do your homework before you even think about giving bitcoin trading a shot.

Here are a few styles of trading to get you started:

Day trading – Day trading entails short and quick trades, allowing opportunities for small and fast profits.

Day traders don’t hold any open positions overnight, so the method consists of carefully analyzing the market, seeing small money-making opportunities, and capitalizing for a small profit.

At the end of the session, day traders could have a significant cumulative gain.

Swing trading – If HODLing is long-term and day trading is short-term, swing trading is kind of in the middle.

Like HODLers, swing traders will buy low, wait long enough to see their holdings increase in price, and then sell high.

However, their holding time isn’t as long as a HODLer and isn’t as short as a day trader.

A swing trader can typically hold a position for as long as 5-7 weeks to cause sufficient price movement to render a reasonable profit.

All these methods require a lot of practice, so don’t expect to get it right on the first try.

Just do your own research, figure out which strategy is best for you, and trust that you’ll be on your own way to earning bitcoin.

  1. Lending Bitcoin

The decentralized nature of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies makes it simpler to make transactions.

This is because you won’t need any authorities to validate it.

Because of this decentralization, you can also loan BTC to potential loanees at an interest rate.

Think of it as a way to make your money flow even when you’re HODLing—you’re actually making use of the wealth rather than keeping it unmoved in your wallet.

Cryptocurrency lending platforms offer investors the opportunity to make bitcoin loans to others and earn interest for their trouble.

With some sites offering interest rates of between 8% and 15% while requiring minimal effort from lenders, this can seem very appealing.

If cryptocurrency lending still appeals, research diligently and proceed with extreme caution.


  1. Accept Payment in Bitcoin

Think of a skill you’re good at.

This can frankly be anything – starting from copywriting and digital marketing to painting or singing.

Pick your strongest quality (or qualities) and think of ways you could monetize them.

Find a way to charge people.

A good place to start is to offer your services on online forums and marketplaces, stating that you only take payments in the form of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Do this long enough, and you might eventually want to create a designated website for this same purpose and teach others how to make money with Bitcoin.

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