11 Bitcoins Exchanges of 2018



11 Bitcoins Exchanges

Here is a review of the Best Bitcoin Exchanges of 2018

I. Coinbase

II. CoinMama


IV. Coinhouse

V. Bitstamp Bitcoin

VI. Kraken Bitcoin

VII. iGot Bitcoin

VIII. Hit BTC Bitcoin

IX. BTC-eBitcoin

X. Virwox Bitcoin

XI. 247Exchange Bitcoin

Here are the detailed reviews of each of these Bitcoin Exchanges


11 Bitcoins Exchanges I. Coinbase

Coinbase is in the business of buying Bitcoins, exchange from 2012. Now, when Bitcoin has become a popular cryptocurrency around the globe, Coinbase has become a centre of attraction among traders.

Let’s look at advantages and disadvantages of Coinbase.

Advantages: As mentioned above Coinbase is very much reputed among the cryptocurrency traders. Second good thing is that Coinbase charges very less transaction fee.

Disadvantage: Unfortunately, Coinbase services are not available in all the countries. Second drawback is that support centre is not much developed; basically, its response time is low.

What is Coinbase all about?

Since, its inception in 2012 Coinbase has remained the choice of traders. Earlier, it was just another subsidiary of Y-Combinator. The company has gained huge success in financials terms. It has become successful in raising venture capital of $106 million. Many traders consider Coinbase a market leader in its field.

Buying of Bitcoins from Coinbase

Traders can buy Bitcoins through these two methods.

1. By using Coinbase Wallet

2. Through Coinbase exchange.

First method means to buy Bitcoins from the coins. Second, method means to enter in a trade with other buyers and sellers, in the form of exchange.

11 Bitcoins Exchanges ii. CoinMama

CoinMama is another old facilitator of Bitcoin trade. It has following advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: Good thing is that CoinMama can facilitate transaction through use of Credit Cards. Transaction doesn’t take too much time. Apart from these aspects CoinMama is an easy to use option.

Disadvantages: Exchange rate offered by Coinbase is comparatively high. Just like the Coinbase, CoinMama has also a poor customer support service.

What is CoinMama all about?

CoinMama stepped into the Bitcoin Market in 2013. The company is much flexible with regard payment deposit modes. Traders can deposit funds through MoneyGram, Western Union or by using Credit cards.

For processing thee credit cards, company uses the Simplex; this helps a trader to make purchases of up to five hundred and twenty dollars.

The bad aspect is that CoinMama charges very high exchange rates. Charging of high rate is an attempt to make buyers and sellers secure against the scammers. Further, it is an additional cost for offering the facility of using Credit and Debit cards.

11 Bitcoins Exchanges iii. CEX.IO

CEX.IO is a contemporary of CoinMama.

Advantages: CEX.IO enjoys a reputation of trustworthy Bitcoin exchange platform. Users can also buy high number of bitcoins through CEX.IO.

Disadvantages: CEX.IO also offers high exchange rates. Further, it is not available in all the countries.

What is CEX.IO all about?

CEX.IO started its Bitcoin trade exchange business in 2013. Company facilitates the Bitcoins trade by accepting credit cards and debit cards. It offers exchange options as BTC/UTC, BTC/USD and RUB/USD.


bitcoin exchanges


11 Bitcoins Exchanges IV. Coinhouse

Coinhouse is a Bitcoin trading company based in Paris.

Advantages: Coinhouse is very well known among its contemporaries. It offers high limits for Bitcoin.

Disadvantages: First, Coinhouse facilitates the trade on high exchange rate. Second, facility is available to countries of Eurozone only.

What is Coinhouse all about?

Coinhouse also referred to as House of Bitcoins is located in Paris

Here is how traders can buy Bitcoins through it.

Buy them through Visa or MasterCard

By using Neosurf card which is available countries of Eurozone.

11 Bitcoins Exchanges V. Bitstamp

Bitstamp is the pioneer in field of Bitcoin exchange.


Advantages: Being old has made Bitstamp to earn much repute and respect in the field. Further, Exchange rate is not much high.

Disadvantages: Bitstamp doesn’t offer so many payment methods. It also charges high fee on small amounts. Starters many not be better off by choosing this platform. Further, Bitstamp has amount restrictions as well.

What is Bitstamp all about?

Bitstamp was founded in 2011. In this way, it is oldest of all the Bitcoin exchange platforms which are available to date. It is also a favourite platform of traders for many reasons. It has continued to perform even during most vulnerable periods of Bitcoin system.

There are also reasons, why Bitstamp didn’t occupy the first slot in this list. First reason is that it didn’t get updated for more number of users. May be it is so because of the fact that earlier users were very much limited. Secondly, Bitstamp offers limited modes of depositing fund. Traders can make payments only through Wire transfers.

Buyers and Sellers who have to deal in large sums can trade using Bitstamp. In this way, they don’t need to pay higher sums as well.

11 Bitcoins Exchanges Vi. Kraken

Kraken is a contemporary of Bitstamp.

Advantages: It is popular among not only individuals but also regulatory institutes. It charges low exchange fee.

Disadvantages: Kraken doesn’t seem right platform for beginners. Modes of payment are also limited. Dealers who have much smaller amount for trading can’t use Krekan.

What is Krekan all about?

No Bitcoin Exchange platform matches better than Kraken; it has topped the charts and got recommendations by media as well. Regulatory institutes and Banks in Tokyo consider Krekan as trustworthy platform. Just like Bitstamp, Krekan also made its way into business in the year 2011. Bitcoin traders should decide in choosing Krekan by evaluating it on same parameters as they may do in case of Bitstamp.

11 Bitcoins Exchanges Vii. iGot

iGot, Australian base currency exchange medium, came into being in 2013.

Advantages: Highly interactive user’s interface offers a good experience. Further, a transaction fee is way much lower.

Disadvantages: iGot has not diverse range of payment modes to offer. Exchange rates can be too high, that may result in traders backing off.

What is iGot all about?

IGot is an Australian company for Bitcoin exchange. It facilitates in trading. As mentioned above, iGot charges very low fees, but has limited options modes of payments. The company is also involved in philanthropic activities as well. Mentionable works are its relief activities in Nepal. Such contribution to society, made iGot to earn enough repute in Bitcoin Exchange market.

11 Bitcoins Exchanges Viii. HitBTC

HitBTC is a famous currency exchange program in the world for beginners.

Advantages: Beginners who don’t have too much experience can easily use HitBTC. The company has an efficient support centre and facilitates users in many ways.

Disadvantages: Users may face high exchange rates. It also doesn’t enjoy much popularity among professionals.

What is HitBTC all about?

HitBTC is a new comer. But it seems to have come up with unique offerings. The design and working mechanism reveals that company is giving priority to the securities. Users can enjoy a good experience due to a friendly interface.

HitBTC is in the process of gaining popularity. Its features are aimed at providing an awesome experience to the users. Still HitBTC needs to go an extra mile for getting registered its name in the list of main players.

11 Bitcoins Exchanges IX. BTC-e

BTC-e is the most old but mysterious Bitcoin exchange platform.

Advantages: BTC-e charges very low transaction fees. The platform has also proved the test of time.

Disadvantages: BTC-e doesn’t offer a good user’s experience.

What is BTC-e all about?

BTC-e is an oldest transaction platform. It also enjoys a handsome market share. Almost 2.5% of Bitcoin transactions route through this platform. Still, there is an issue. BTC-e is an unidentifiable platform. No one knows who is running this business. The fact makes it difficult for customers to make a meaningful interaction with team. Perhaps, this is the same reason by BTC- e fails to offer a good customer service experience.

11 Bitcoins Exchanges X. Virwox

Virwox offers Bitcoin exchange as part of its secondary services.

Advantages: Exchange through Virwox doesn’t require verification. The platform also accepts transactions through diverse range of platforms.

Disadvantages: Virwox doesn’t offer the direct exchange. It results in high transaction fee.

What is Virwox all about?

Well, Virwox doesn’t offer direct exchange of Bitcoin. The platform deals in SLL (Second Life Linden). Usually it is not the prior choice for buying Bitcoins. Only attractive feature about Virwox is that it is an only place where users can purchase Bitcoins using Paypal.

Further Virwox users have very often complained for poor services too. There were many who made payments but didn’t receive Bitcoins. Well, no one lost their money, as after filing of compliant, users were able to get their money back.

11 Bitcoins Exchanges Xi. 247Exchange

247Exchange is a Bitcoin exchange platform with tough verification process.

Advantages: 247Exchange is available in all the countries and so many languages.

Disadvantages: Company charges premium fee, make transactions secure against the chargebacks. Exchange process may also take time.

What is 247Exchange all about?

247Exchange is also well reputed Bitcoin Exchange service. Being available in all the countries makes it more popular. Service offers a good user’s experience. Still, there are issues. Buying process is not as such hassle free. Further buyers need to pass through a verification process, which can make a transaction to take time.

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